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Reading, MA Alcohol Rehab

Topsail Addiction Treatment provides caring and compassionate alcohol rehab services for residents of Reading, Massachusetts. Our staff understands the recovery process from detox through aftercare programs that support our clients. If you’re battling alcohol use disorder, we can help you learn to overcome triggers and cravings.

You Can Break Free of Alcoholism

Drinking alcohol elevates certain chemicals that trigger the reward center in your brain. This pleasant response drives you to drink more alcohol and thus, for some, addiction begins. Your brain and body become dependent on alcohol, resulting in uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if you try to quit on your own. Fortunately, you’re not alone, and Topsail’s effective alcohol treatment program can help you prepare for long-term recovery.

Let us help you make the transition back to sober living by addressing alcohol use disorder and any accompanying mental health disorders that can trigger a relapse.

Alcohol Rehab Near Reading, Massachusetts

An alcohol rehab program with a proven track record can help you get through the difficult first days of withdrawal. Whether you live in Reading or one of the other communities we serve, our licensed professionals can help you get to the root of your alcohol use disorder in individual and group therapy sessions. We believe in using both traditional talk therapies and holistic approaches that help you develop new interests and cope with your feelings in healthy ways.

When it comes to alcohol use disorder, you can’t always trust your thoughts and feelings. We focus on rebuilding your health and wellness, which can help you think clearly and make better decisions during recovery.

Remember that everyone reacts differently to recovery from alcoholism. The severity of your withdrawal symptoms will depend on several factors, including:

  • Age
  • Medical issues
  • Length and severity of alcohol abuse
  • Family history
  • Use of other drugs

Our program includes medication to help ease the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Here are some of the symptoms you may experience in alcohol rehab:

  • Insomnia or night terrors
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Excessive sweating
  • Tremors
  • Fever
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure

Topsail provides all the tools you need to continue building confidence in your ability to resist alcohol.

What Does the Alcoholism Recovery Timeline Look Like?

Alcohol rehab treatment follows a general timeline. Each step may take a longer or shorter time for each person. In the first three to seven days, you’ll go through an effective detox program. During this time, you work with qualified therapists and medical professionals to rid your body of all traces of alcohol. Following detox, you may go to a residential recovery program for 21 to 30 days. In a residential program, you receive around-the-clock care and supervision and begin therapy to get to the bottom of your alcohol dependency.

If you’ve already completed detox and recovery, outpatient programs such as those available at Topsail can help you retain your sobriety for long-term recovery.

During our full-day treatment (partial hospitalization program), you spend five to six hours a day at our center in Reading, Massachusetts. This may last up to 30 days, and you’ll attend sessions five days a week. During our half-day outpatient treatment (intensive outpatient treatment), you’ll continue to build your skills and begin to look forward to long-term sober living on your own.

Topsail’s IOP provides essential services to help you look forward to sober living at home. Our immersive program includes individual and group counseling, addiction therapies customized for your needs, and workshops to help you learn coping skills to deal with triggers effectively. Because we know the importance of financial independence following recovery, we have a job training program to help you re-enter the workforce.

Reading, MA, Alcohol Rehab

In order to fully recover from alcohol use disorder, you need to understand what caused you to begin drinking in the first place. You also need tools that help you cope with triggers that make you want to return to your former habits. We’ll customize a program that helps you accomplish these goals and gives you the best chance for long-term recovery.

Here are a few examples of therapies available at Topsail:

Individual Therapy

During these sessions, you work on specific challenges and receive direct input from one of our licensed therapists, many of whom have years or decades of experience working with clients with alcohol or substance use disorders.

Group Therapy

Group counseling sessions give clients an opportunity to meet with others in recovery from alcohol and drug use disorders. These sessions cover numerous topics related to recovery and provide peer support.

Aftercare Planning

We understand that your struggle doesn’t end on your last day of recovery. In many ways, this is just the beginning. Developing an aftercare plan helps you to list your coping strategies and set up weekly outpatient sessions for continued support.

Contact Topsail Addiction Treatment today to find out how to enroll in alcohol addiction treatment and begin to rebuild your life.