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Stoneham, MA Drug Rehab

Drug abuse kills far more people annually than car accidents, guns, homicides, and suicides. According to the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, there were 67,367 drug overdose deaths reported in 2018. But there is hope for recovery.

If you are looking for a top Stoneham, Massachusetts drug rehab that will help you or your loved one tackle addiction, detox, and recovery needs, contacts Topsail Drug Rehab Center today. We provide both residential and intensive care and services that can help you get clean and sober, regardless of the type and level of addiction.

Topsail Drug Rehab Center is now in Stoneham, MA Drug Rehab

Topsail provides exceptional drug rehab services for residents of Stoneham, Massachusetts, and its neighborhoods. At Topsail, we understand each person reacts to drugs differently, and no two addictions are alike. We offer highly customized treatment programs and support designed to fit your personality and help you throughout your recovery. Our top priority is your recovery, and our highly trained and licensed professional staff will leverage top-notch tools and vast experience to help put you on the path to healing.

Why choose Topsail Drug Rehab Center

To ensure you make great strides towards full recovery, it is crucial that you find the best rehab center for your rehabilitation. Here are a few qualities that make Topsail Drug Rehab Center the natural choice for your drug problems:

  • Accredited and licensed: We are duly accredited and licensed by the state and industry regulators. Our certified professional staff will spend a lot of time getting to know your personality, medical history, and goals for recovery before designing a rehab program that fits your needs. Additionally, we have an unrivaled reputation as the most trusted facility that offers quality services in Massachusetts.
  • Short and long-term care: We offer both short and long-term care depending on your problem and level of addiction. At Topsail, we are committed to providing effective treatments that you need regardless of the duration it will take.
  • Proven treatment protocols: Notably, there are different protocols and therapies used by various recovery centers. We ensure that the treatment techniques that we use can best respond to your needs. Our treatment protocols are diverse and may include amenities such as meditation, exercise programs, and Pilates, and much more.
  • Support systems: Our comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatments also include group activities and therapy sessions that can promote your recovery.
  • Aftercare programs: Ongoing treatments are crucial once you leave the recovery center. We offer aftercare programs that help maintain your recovery and prevent relapse.

Topsail Drug Rehab Center treatment options and stages

Unfortunately, the journey to full recovery is not an easy one. However, our addiction specialists will be with you every step of the way to help ease the process. There are several stages involved in drug addiction rehabilitation:

Stage 1: Treatment Initiation

When you reach out for help from our professionals, we initiate the first step of your recovery, called the treatment initiation stage. During this period, you will probably have conflicting feelings on whether to give up your drug choice or not. Ambivalence and denial could be your worst enemies that hamper your recovery goals. Our highly trained staff will help you decide to actively participate in the treatment and accept that you have a problem. Our substance abuse counselor will help you to do the following:

  • Examine the damaging effects of addiction
  • Explore all feelings of denial towards the drug problem
  • Help you become motivated to follow the recovery path

During this stage, your drug history will be assessed, and a customized treatment program developed

Stage 2: Early Abstinence

Once you decide to continue with the treatment, you will enter the early abstinence stages. This may be a challenging stage to cope with due to continued withdrawal symptoms, physical cravings, and other triggers that can tempt you into relapse. Our trained addiction professionals will teach you coping skills for leading a sober lifestyle in the early abstinence stages. Some of the effective techniques employed in this stage include:

  • Participation in healthy activities
  • Finding alternative behaviors to alcohol drinking
  • Recognizing environmental triggers
  • Participating in support and self-help groups

Stage 3: Maintaining Abstinence

After 90 days of successful abstinence, you will move to the maintaining abstinence stage. The main goal of this stage is to sustain abstinence to avoid a relapse. Our experts will teach you how to spot relapse warning signs and the actions that may lead up to a relapse. You will also be equipped with new coping skills and tools to help you develop a drug-free lifestyle. This stage can last for approximately five years of staying clean and sober.

Stage 4: Advanced Recovery

After five years of continued abstinence, you will be ushered into the final stage of your rehabilitation program. The advanced recovery stage equips you with strategies that will help you remain sober, healthier, and a more productive member of society, and a good citizen.

Topsail Drug Rehab Center Can Help You Reclaim Your Life From Addiction

Drug abuse treatments and recovery is a lifelong process that needs a lot of patience and commitment. Our programs can help patients of drug abuse in Stoneham, Massachusetts, find the motivation to change their behavior and learn new skills to help them become drug-free and highly productive members of society. If you or your loved one struggles with a drug problem, contact Topsail Drug Rehab Center today.