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Wilmington, MA Alcohol Rehab

Trying to overcome an addiction to alcohol will take work. While some people might try to get sober on their own, many realize that they need help to stop drinking. Some individuals turn to inpatient treatment to detox and start the process under strict supervision, but this isn’t necessary for everyone.

Many people thrive when they can learn to live a sober life while going through an outpatient program. Topsail Addiction Treatment offers three options for your sobriety journey. Some people use all three options as a graduated journey to sobriety. Others simply use one of the options as a standalone treatment to get them on the right path.

Why Should You Seek Help to Overcome Alcoholism?

On average, 2,200 people die of alcohol poisoning each year. That equates to approximately six deaths per day from this. Alcohol poisoning is attributed to drinking large amounts of alcohol in only a little time. This can shut down part of your brain, namely the parts that control your body temperature, breathing, and heart rate.

The risks are great for individuals who can’t stop drinking, so anyone who feels as though they have an addiction should take steps to break free from it. Topsail understands the struggle and is prepared to help you with the tools and support you need to get sober.

How Can Topsail Addiction Treatment Help Wilmington, Massachusetts Residents?

Topsail’s outpatient rehab program is tailored to meet each person’s needs. We offer a combination of one-on-one and group therapy. Individual therapy gives you the opportunity to work with someone on matters you don’t feel comfortable bringing to a group setting. Group therapy is a time when you can get motivation and assistance from other people who are working hard to overcome alcohol addiction.

We also offer aftercare planning for people who are going through our program. You work with a specialist to come up with goals to provide you with a purpose when you aren’t with us. This includes some small goals, but it also includes long-term goals for you to work toward. Having these goals can help you to stay on track with your sobriety.

Because we tailor our program to each person’s needs, the length of time that you’re in our programs will vary. It’s imperative that you get the help you need when you need it. Because of the customization, the length of time you’re in a specific treatment depends on you.

Full-Day Treatment: 14 to 30 Days

Participants in our full-day treatment option come to our Andover facility for five to six hours per day for five days per week. This is our most intensive program. It’s suitable for anyone who needs guidance and accountability but who doesn’t currently need an inpatient program.

Intensive Outpatient: 30 to 60 Days

This program meets for three to four hours per session with three sessions per week. We have daytime and evening sessions available. This enables you to work, go to school, and start to live your life while still getting the help you need. By meeting a few times a week, you don’t have to go more than a few days without the accountability and support you need.

Weekly Treatment: 60 to 120 Days

The weekly treatment option involves coming to us for one hour per week. This is a time for you to check in so you can remain accountable for your actions between visits. We can help you to fine tune your methods for remaining sober and addressing the challenges that you face as you live a normal life.

Setting Up Your Sobriety Success Plan

When you first come to us, you undergo a complete evaluation. This enables us to help you determine what treatment plan is going to work best for you. We even factor in things like genetics and family history so that you can truly thrive.

We understand how important your sobriety is for you. We’re here to help you overcome the challenges that you’re facing and to motivate you to remain successful. You have a dedicated team of professionals and peers on your side when you join a Topsail Addiction Treatment program.

Contact Topsail Addiction Treatment Today

The professionals at Topsail are ready to help you maintain your sobriety. Give us a call at 978-475-0002 to talk to one of our team members. We can determine if your insurance will cover your treatment. If you don’t have insurance, we can talk to you about our self-pay options. We’re ready to help you succeed in sobriety. You just have to take the first step!