Topsail Addiction Treatment

Mission and Vision


To provide the highest-level Drug and Alcohol Recovery Treatments in Massachusetts, in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our mission is to help those suffering in the grips of addiction to overcome their real and personal challenges.  We strive to help our clients live their fullest life possible. We provide evidence-based alcohol and drug addiction treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.  We are fully committed to finding and implementing effective and proven treatment modalities to clients and their families.


Raising the Standard of Care, Compassion and Clinical Excellence in Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment

Our vision is to raise the standard for caring, compassionate and effective alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

We want to help serve Massachusetts and the greater New England community who have been significantly impacted by the growing problems of substance abuse and alcohol addiction.

We strive to treat every patient as an individual and help them find their best path to recovery by providing a safe and comfortable environment, the highest quality clinical resources, and a caring, professional and compassionate staff to help support them.