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What is Intensive Outpatient Service (IOS)?

An intensive outpatient program, sometimes referred to as an IOP, is an immersive treatment program that helps individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction or alcohol problems while they live at home. IOS are programs designed so the patient can live in their own residence or a sober living home in Greater Boston and take part in an immersive program of continuing treatment at our Andover facility, including:

An IOS program can be used immediately after detox, or it can serve as a step-down from a residential program or PHP. For those at risk of relapse, an IOP provides the resources and support to enable them to transition back into a day-to-day life outside of a full-time residential or PHP treatment program

How Do Intensive Outpatient Services (IOS) Work?

Before beginning an IOP for a substance abuse disorder, each patient undergoes a thorough assessment with an addiction specialist or a case manager to create an individual program tailored to their needs. These physical and mental health evaluations are an important part of this process to uncover potential health problems or co-occurring issues that may inhibit their success in the program. 

Once the physical and mental evaluations have been completed, we will work with you to create a structured schedule of therapy, support, and counseling sessions. As the name of the program suggests, these schedules and programs tend to be more intensive than a typical outpatient program. This helps the patient stay focused on their recovery and provide a valuable behavioral, psychological, and social support system during this potentially vulnerable time.

IOS also acts as a natural “step down” for someone completing a PHP treatment plan.  ISP requires less time than PHP and provides clients more freedom and flexibility as they slowly make the transition back to normal life. 

Outpatient Help for Addiction is Here

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Individual counseling with a licensed therapist is conducted in a private setting that helps uncover co-occurring issues, as well as treating addiction issues. 

Group therapy may be part of an individual’s treatment program. It is an important stage of healing that allows the individual to realize they are not alone in experiencing addiction.

CBT is an evidence-based, scientifically-proven Method of therapy used in addiction treatment and recovery. It helps patients to learn to identify negative thought patterns and adjust their thinking to inspire toward positive results. 

Family Therapy can be a critical tool in the recovery process. Many addiction problems begin in the home, and understanding family history, and day-to-day interactions can play a large part in the effective treatment of addiction.

12-Step programs are a very effective type of group therapy for many people. Unlike formal therapy sessions, 12 -step meetings are peer-driven and run by the meeting’s attendees and allow people to interact with their experiences while they support and learn from each other.

Many of our patients will work with a central case manager who can monitor and adjust their program to help it best fit the patient’s needs as they evolve.