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Treatment for Crack Addiction

What is Crack Cocaine?

Crack Cocaine is the more potent and highly addictive counterpart to Cocaine. Crack is created when Cocaine is formed into solid crystals and makes a Crackling sound when smoked in a pipe; hence, the nickname “Crack.”

Crack is inexpensive, readily available in many locations, and highly addictive. Smoking Crack is the most common Method of use, but it can be injected or snorted. Crack offers an intense high that comes quickly and can last anywhere from 5-30 minutes. The fierce but short-lived high and the low price are a dangerous combination.

Crack Cocaine Abuse and Addiction

The intense euphoria brought on by Crack comes on fast and is characterized by feelings of intense joy or excitement (often for what we may consider normal, everyday activities like watching television or listening to music.) These effects do not last long, and the highs become less intense as the body develops a tolerance to continued use. This causes the user to become dependent and need more or stronger Crack to reclaim that initial high.

Symptoms of Crack Addiction 

After using Crack, a person becomes extremely lethargic, sleeping for several hours or even days at a time. During these times, Crack users may be irritable and depressed

Long term users may become more aggressive as they experience paranoia or hallucinations. This makes Crack Cocaine dangerous for the user and to those around them as well.

The most common physical sign of Crack Cocaine abuse is hyperactivity. As massive amounts of dopamine floods the brain, the user becomes jittery and may begin trembling, shaking, or twitching. Excessive talking and restlessness during this time are also easy-to-identify symptoms. 

Crack Cocaine Detox and Withdrawal Symptoms

Crack Cocaine is highly addictive, both mentally and physically. Even just reducing Crack use can bring on withdrawal symptoms. 

Withdrawal symptoms can begin in as short a time as 30 minutes or take up to 72 hours to appear. The length of withdrawal varies based on a person’s tolerance, the amount of Crack used, and how long they have been using it. 

More severe symptoms may include sweating, shaking, and vomiting. This part of the process can be excruciating, which can lead to relapse as the addict seeks relief. These symptoms can also be dangerous, as they may lead to dehydration, heart problems, seizures, and even shock.

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Medically Monitored Detox for Crack Addiction

The physical discomfort and the psychological dependency on Crack during withdrawal make it one of the more challenging drugs to detox from. Addiction professionals recommend a medically-monitored detox to help manage the withdrawal symptoms and provide a safe and more comfortable environment.

Treatment for Crack Cocaine

Once detox has been completed, Crack Cocaine addiction treatment can begin. For those who do not require inpatient or residential treatment, TOPSAIL offers three levels of outpatient addiction treatment.

TOPSAIL outpatient programs allow people to live at home (or a sober living facility) during their treatment. Living at home can have many benefits including the ability to work, go to school or take care of family

Topsail offers three types of outpatient treatment for Crack Addiction Therapy.

  • Full-Day Treatments – Comprehensive treatment programs that meet 5 times a week at our facility in Andover, MA.
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment – An immersive treatment program that helps individuals with substance abuse and addiction problems while they live at home. 
  • Outpatient Treatment – Customized treatment plans that accommodate work, school, or other responsibilities living at home. 

All three programs utilize a combination of therapy, counseling, life coaching, and group educational and support programs, such as a 12-step program. The highly trained TOPSAIL staff will help you decide which programs are the best for you and develop a treatment plan to help guide you along your pathway to recovery.

Crack Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire

Detoxification and Addiction treatment for Crack addiction is one of the most challenging of all substances. It requires a strong treatment program, a solid support system, and a willingness to commit to a strict treatment program. 


TOPSAIL ADDICTION THERAPY has a dedicated, caring, and professional staff with proven experience helping people overcome their addictions and take back control of their lives. 


At TOPSAIL, we understand the importance of having a comfortable and convenient place to work on your sobriety. We have purpose-built our offices in Andover, MA to offer a serene and discrete environment to work through your substance abuse challenges. 

TOPSAIL ADDICTION THERAPY is easy to get to and convenient to Route 128, Route 495, Route 95 and Route 93. We serve the Greater Boston, the North Shore, Lowell, Lawrence, Metro-North, and Southern New Hampshire communities.