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Nighttime IOP in MA

A Great Treatment Option For Working People and Commuters in Massachusetts

The Nighttime IOP is scheduled from 6 pm to 9 pm and takes place four nights a week at the new TOPSAIL location conveniently located in Andover, MA. Participants are required to attend only three of the four nights and can choose which nights best fit their lifestyle. 

It is important to note that Nighttime IOP at TOPSAIL provides the same level of world-class treatment and support that all our programs offer. The clinical standards and treatment protocols are the same as our daytime IOP programs. Data published in the journal Psychiatric Servicesnindicates that programs like the TOPSAIL nighttime IOP “ are an important part of the continuum of care for alcohol and drug use disorders. They are as effective as inpatient treatment for most individuals seeking care.”

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Half Day Treatment

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Remaining Productive During Recovery

A 2017 article posted on the website lists “Six Fundamental Factors in the Success in Addiction Recovery.” The author includes Readiness to change; Belief in the ability to Overcome Change; Maintenance of Phycological and Emotional Wellness; Support; Structure, and Productivity.

This sixth factor, productivity, is often the most difficult to achieve within the confines of a traditional treatment program. As important as a commitment to the program is, many people find it hard to remain “productive” when the majority of their daylight hours are spent in treatment.

That is why TOPSAIL has introduced the Nighttime Intensive Outpatient Program. It has been created specifically to help those whose days are filled with work, school, or other productive activities get the treatment and support they need to continue on their path to recovery.

Addiction Recovery in MA

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How Our Nighttime Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) Work

Before beginning a nighttime IOP for addiction, each individual goes through a detailed assessment with one of TOPSAIL’s addiction specialist. They will work with you to create an individual program for your specific needs and goals. These evaluations include both physical and mental health and can often uncover other health problems or co-occurring issues that could impact your program. Once the physical and mental evaluations have been completed, we will work with you to create a structured schedule of therapy, support, and counseling sessions. These schedules and programs tend to be more intensive than a typical outpatient program. This is to help the client stay focused on recovery and provide a valuable behavioral, psychological, and social support system during this potentially vulnerable time.

The Nighttime IOP also can serve as a “step down” program for those who have recently completed a PHP treatment plan. 


The Nighttime IOP program at TOPSAIL consists of three evenings a week from the hours of 6:00 pmto 9:00 pm and may include a variety of services specific to helping you identify and work through your addiction issues. These may include:

Paying for Nighttime Intensive Outpatient Treatment with Insurance

The cost of the TOPSAIL Nightime IOP may be covered or partially covered by most major insurance providers under their normal healthcare coverage. You can learn more about the insurance plans that TOPSAIL accepts by clicking here. If your insurance does not cover our Nighttime IOP, or you do not have insurance, you may be surprised at the options that could be available to you. The TOPSAIL team is ready and willing to help. Call us today at (978) 475-0002 and find out more.