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Alcohol addiction has been a persistent social issue for decades, and unfortunately, recent events have only worsened the issue on a societal scale. Research shows that since the start of the COVID pandemic, 60% of Americans have increased their alcohol consumption, and 1 in 5 report ‘heavy drinking’. Thus, it’s no surprise that more and more people have been looking into alcohol addiction treatments.

However, there are great reasons to be hopeful. Research shows that the majority of those who struggle with drug addiction successfully recover. What’s more, 22.3 million Americans — that’s 9% of the adult population — live in recovery after a substance use disorder. Recovery is more than possible, so don’t delay finding support in managing addiction!

Alcoholism Outpatient Treatment in Massachusetts

Outpatient services offer alcohol treatment sessions, focusing on counseling, therapy, education, and developing a great support system for the patients. Typically, patients are required to check in every working day and complete a set number of sessions. Unlike in traditional residential facilities (rehab), the patients continue living at home and can maintain some of their daily responsibilities.

There are numerous benefits to outpatient programs. They offer a great balance of flexibility and support, they allow patients to attend to their responsibilities and spend their free time with their family and friends. What’s more, loved ones can provide encouragement and form a support network that helps patients recover faster.

Which alcohol treatment service is best for me in MA?

The type of service you a patient uses mostly depends on where they are in their journey of managing addiction, as well as on their outside responsibilities. We offer three types of outpatient treatment, and it’s very common for patients to go through all of them before they’re comfortable going back to their normal life without external support.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

A partial hospitalization program, as known as a full-day treatment program, is the most time-intensive and support-heavy outpatient option. This type of program is most similar in intensity to a traditional residential program (rehabs) but the key difference is that it doesn’t include accommodation. Instead, patients live in their own homes for the duration of the program, or when that’s not possible, they book their accommodation on their own. Typically, a partial hospitalization program requires 4 to 8 hours of sessions per day, which can include alcohol abuse education, group counseling sessions, and the development of coping skills.

Partial hospitalization programs are aimed at patients who are still in the most vulnerable stages of their addiction recovery, so they don’t offer too much free time. This way the patients can more easily avoid spending their time in triggering environments and encounter challenging situations outside of the safe environment of the treatment center. These programs offer a lot of structure and emotional support, both of which are essential in recovery, as well as medical support if needed.

Who is this best for?
This program is best for those who have been in residential treatment but haven’t completed recovery. It’s also recommended for those with a significant history of addiction and/or multiple relapses.

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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

An intensive outpatient program offers a good balance of treatment sessions and free time. Patients receive medical and psychological support on a consistent basis, while at the same time the schedule allows them to maintain their daily responsibilities. This type of program typically includes counseling, therapy sessions, and workshops that assist patients in improving their coping skills.

While the level of freedom this program provides can be appealing to many, it’s important to be realistic about whether it’s well-suited to the patient’s needs. Those who may struggle to attend the sessions on top of their daily responsibilities or those who may encounter an unhealthy environment in their every day lives may be better suited for a more intense program

Who is this best for?
An intensive outpatient program is great for those who have already worked through withdrawal, or completed a partial hospitalization program. It’s also suitable for those who find it impossible to avoid their responsibilities, such as their job or childcare.

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Outpatient Treatment Program (OP)

An outpatient treatment program is the lowest-intensity treatment option. Patients are issued customized treatment plans that don’t involve a huge time commitment. These plans may include one to five one-hour sessions per week, which allows the patients to maintain a regular life. An outpatient treatment program is great for patients who have gone through the more acute stages of battling addiction and now are ready to gradually return to independent living.

Who is this best for?
An intensive outpatient program is best for those who don’t need constant accountability or daily support and are rather skilled at managing their addiction.

 > Read More about our IOP Program for Alcoholism


We can help with alcohol treatment in MA

We’ve established ourselves as the premier outpatient alcohol detox and recovery facility North of Boston. We proudly serve the communities of Greater Boston, Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and New England. Contact us now for treatment in Andover, MA.

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