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With addiction, your relationships become unstable and trust becomes a challenge. At Topsail, we provide drug and alcohol rehab to residents of Billerica, Massachusetts. If you’re struggling with addiction, you need a place to turn for help, and people who will work hard to earn your trust. We’ve known people who thought that they couldn’t measure up anymore, and we’ve seen them stand tall when they discover who they really are. At our rehab center, we’re ready to help you let go of your addict self, and let your true self heal. We offer treatment for individuals, using the strengths you bring to our rehab center to help you develop recovery skills.

Welcome to Our Neighbors in Billerica, Massachusetts

Life in the Billerica, Massachusetts area is energetic and busy. You may have a new home, a family, and even a place up north where you bring your boat on the weekends. You may have made many investments and you’re afraid to lose them, or perhaps you’ve lost them already. Many of our clients were detoured by addiction and never had a chance to build a life at all. Topsail provides a solid direction and a proven strategy that you can incorporate in your life, and use it to keep what’s good in your life, while letting go of things that are destructive. Addiction shows up with many faces, and is different for each individual. You probably never imagined having these addictive substances in your home, your car, or your pockets on the job. Now you can’t imagine being without them.

Our Team Proves Themselves to Our Clients

Our clinical team is hard to beat, but we know that each new person we work with will need us to prove ourselves again. We offer experience and knowledge that comes dealing with addiction firsthand. We have no illusions about it. We also have compassion, because we care, and because we know that the grip of addiction is a miserable place to be. At Topsail, we recognize that drugs and alcohol use your body’s natural responses to dig in and take hold. We have proven ways to beat addiction that hold, step-by-step, as your life goes on. For residents of Billerica, Massachusetts treatment is easy to include with daily life.

Fitting Drug and Alcohol Treatment Into Your Life

Our programs are formally called PHP, IOP, OP, and they’re basically levels of intensity and involvement to meet your needs, both at our rehab center and in your daily life. You may come by on a weekly basis, visit in the evenings to keep your life stable, work with us on a half-day basis or even tackle a full-day immersion.

  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP): Programs run about five to six hours a day, five days a week.
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs (IOP): Intensive treatment a few days per week for minimal interruptions in your life.
  • Outpatient Treatment Programs (OP): Once-weekly sessions that give you something to look forward to, as well as a weekly renewal of your commitment to change.

Multiple Challenges Are Common

People walking, rolling, or otherwise finding their way through our doors often face a lot more than addiction. We know how to help you deal with addiction, while building your strength to deal with other challenges you face. We’re all just people, and feeling overwhelmed is pretty common. We focus on drug and alcohol treatment, but what we really emphasize is you. In fact, if you want to raise a family, take on more responsibility at work, or stand a bit taller and help others do the same, you’ll find that working with us gives you the tools to do it all.

Let’s Talk About Physical Addiction — And Then Do Something Concrete About It

Shakes, night terrors, physical need and overdose risk are a few of the realities of depending on drugs and alcohol. Their effects on your body and your physiology can make them seem powerful, but our knowledge and treatment is also powerful. When you choose to break free, we give you the person-to-person support, and the medical supervision that you need to make the transition to being your own person. Even if you didn’t feel like you could talk about addiction with others before, here you can, in safety.

We welcome new friends and clients from Billerica, Massachusetts to our nearby Andover, MA facility, just the other side of I-93 or a quick trip up 495. We serve residents of Billerica, Massachusetts who are beginning their journey to recovery or restarting it, and want to work with a team with heart.

Helping People Conquer Addiction in Massachusetts

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