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Drug addiction affects millions of people in a multitude of ways. Because there are so many different types of substances and such a wide range of symptoms, drug addiction can be difficult to define. Each person who struggles with drug abuse experiences it in a unique way and faces their own set of obstacles. Because of this, it’s crucial for everyone with an addictive disorder to receive treatment that is catered to their specific needs and goals.

The trained and dedicated specialists at Topsail Addiction Treatment understand that treatment is not a one-size-fits-all situation. That’s why we work tirelessly to design a drug rehab treatment plan that fosters the recovery of each individual patient. If you or someone close to you is battling a drug addiction, our experts will be there every step of the way to guide you or your loved one through the recovery process. Our specialized rehab program for residents of Burlington, Massachusetts, is carefully designed to give patients the tools they need to rise above their addictions.

Is it an Addiction?

Because the symptoms of drug abuse are so numerous and diverse, they are often divided into several distinct categories. It’s important to note that this is not a comprehensive list. You may experience a number of other symptoms as a result of your addiction. No matter how drug abuse is impacting your health and well-being, it’s important to monitor your symptoms and seek help if your problem is beginning to take over your life.

The following categories can help you better understand the full extent of drug addiction and its effects on a person’s life. Here is how the four main groups are organized:

Impaired Control

Impaired control refers to a powerful craving or urge to use a substance, failed attempts to stop using the substance, and continued use of the drug despite being aware of its consequences.

Social Issues

Drug addiction is also strongly correlated with certain social problems. For example, you might fail to complete important assignments for work or school and neglect social or recreational activities. You may also find yourself spending less time with friends and family as a result of your addiction.

Risk-Taking Behavior

Drugs alter your brain chemistry in various ways, and this can cause you to engage in risky behavior that you normally wouldn’t engage in. Some examples of risk-taking actions caused by drug addiction include stealing, driving under the influence, and taking part in illegal activities to obtain more drugs.

Symptoms of Substance Abuse

While many of the symptoms of drug addiction involve one’s behavior and social well-being, there are also a slew of physical and mental symptoms associated with substance abuse. Some of the most common symptoms include weight gain or loss, insomnia, lack of motivation, increased heart rate, reduced energy, difficulty maintaining personal hygiene, and impaired cognitive ability.

Staying aware of these symptoms is one of the first steps toward obtaining the right treatment for you. Addicts sometimes aren’t aware of their symptoms, and they also tend to do a good job of hiding them from the people they’re close to. This can prevent them from receiving the help they need. It’s therefore crucial to be cognizant of these common side effects so you can recognize when there’s a problem.

How Drug Rehab Treatment Works

Before beginning treatment, many people wonder what they can expect to get out of the process. Fortunately, at Topsail, we ensure that everyone understands our treatment program so they can reap all the benefits of drug rehab in Massachusetts.

According to your needs and the nature of your addiction, you will be placed in one of two treatment programs for Burlington, MA, residents: intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment or partial hospitalization (PHP) treatment.

IOP treatment is designed specifically for those recovering from a drug addiction. Once you reach this phase of treatment, you will gain access to top-tier medical and psychological care to help you overcome your addiction. You can also benefit from our immersive IOP programs that are held 3 days a week at our Andover facility. These sessions include counseling, therapy, relapse prevention skills, and other important activities to support recovery.

PHP treatment is more intensive than IOP treatment and is aimed at patients who need to be more closely monitored throughout recovery. During our PHP sessions, patients gather 5 days a week at our Andover facility to receive high-quality, intensive treatment. If you’re at a higher risk of relapsing or are undergoing withdrawal symptoms, PHP drug rehab treatment may be the more appropriate choice for you.

If you’re currently struggling with any kind of drug addiction, remember that you’re worth recovery. Even if the possibility of conquering your addiction seems out of reach, you can receive the help you need by finding the right treatment plan for you.

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