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Dedham, MA Drug Rehab

A study by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reveals that up to 27.1 million people in the US aged 12 and above have used at least one illegal drug in the past 30 days. The NSDUH further reports that 6.7% of Massachusetts residents aged 12 and older met the criteria for dependence and alcohol abuse. Another 3% met the criteria for dependence and abuse of drugs such as heroin, opiates, cocaine, and marijuana.

Addiction adversely impacts individuals and their families, friends, and communities. You don’t have to despair if you or your loved one is struggling with an addiction problem. At our Topsail Addiction Treatment for residents of Dedham, MA, we nurture a safe and conducive environment where our patients can safely recover from drugs and alcohol.

Topsail Addiction Treatment: Offering Exceptional Addiction Treatments for Residents of Dedham, MA

At Topsail, we are committed to offering effective treatments that fit your personality, medical history, and your specific goals for recovery. We understand that different people have different personalities, and no two addictions are the same. In our quest to develop customized tools, treatment techniques, and support that meets your needs. Our highly experienced staff spends countless hours researching your symptoms, personality traits, and the ideal treatments that guarantee lasting freedom from dependence.

Our Rehab Programs for Residents of Dedham, MA

At Topsail Addiction Treatment, our care team is committed to help you overcome the grip that alcohol and drugs have on your lifestyle so that you live a healthy, safe and productive life. We have several different drug and alcohol recovery programs tailored to meet your unique needs:

Outpatient Treatment

The OP sessions run once a week for about 1 hour each day. Our OP treatments can be customized around your schedule to take care of your work and school routine. The goal of the program is to equip you with the tools and support necessary for permanent recovery from addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Our intensive OP treatments are ideal for persons who require structured addiction treatment without 24-hour supervision. Although you receive intensive clinical support and services, you essentially enjoy the freedom to work or go to school. The IOP meets three times a week for about 3-4 hours per day or evening.

PHP/Full Day Treatment

The partial hospitalization program or PHP is a higher-level drug and alcohol treatment in our Dedham outpatient program. It features 5 to 6 hour sessions 5 days per week. If you or your loved one is experiencing severe addiction symptoms, the PHP treatment program could offer the best solutions.

At Topsail, we also provide the following services to residents of Dedham, MA:

  • Diet and nutritional counseling.
  • Aftercare support program, and much more.

The Treatment Modalities Available At Topsail Dedham, MA

Individual Therapy

The individual therapy program involves working with a licensed therapist for one-on-one sessions. During the sessions, you are taught new ways of coping with your triggers, and how to deal with related issues such as relationships, trauma, depression, family dynamics, self-esteem, goal setting, and self-worth.

Group Therapy

Trained counselors facilitate group therapy sessions. These groups equip you with various skills related to relapse prevention, social skills, creative expression, and life skills.

Family Therapy

Addiction is a problem that affects family systems. On several occasions, loved ones are at a loss on how best to provide support. Our family therapy programs are designed to equip the entire family with new tools and ways of communicating with each other. If you are in a relationship, our therapists can recommend marital counseling that will help you receive support from your spouse during your recovery journey.

Medication Management

Addictive substances can alter your brain functioning and lead to dependence. Severe damage may also impact your level of concentration on your therapy and lessons. Our doctors may use buprenorphine, methadone, and acamprosate medications to help mitigate the chemical imbalances. Additionally, our treatment teams offer reliable support to help you stay on track with all prescriptions that you may have.

Our comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment programs include:

  • Alcohol treatment programs
  • Heroin addiction treatments
  • Opioid addiction treatment
  • Cocaine treatment program,
  • Marijuana addiction treatment
  • Benzo addiction treatment
  • Fentanyl addiction treatment
  • Crack addiction treatment
  • Meth addiction treatment

Topsail Addiction Treatment: Providing Premier Drug Rehab Services to Residents of Dedham, Massachusetts

Substance misuse can lead to adverse health and social outcomes, including domestic violence, road crashes, family disintegration, criminal behavior, financial instability, child abuse, and loss of lives. Massachusetts has faced years of drug abuse problems, specifically alcohol, opiates, prescription drugs, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

At Topsail Addiction Treatment, we provide comprehensive drug treatments that help reverse the effects of drug abuse. Our highly customized treatments are suitable for anyone struggling with substance use of all types. Count on our professional and caring team to be there for you through the whole recovery process.