Topsail Addiction Treatment

Nashua, NH Alcohol Rehab

Topsail Addiction Treatment offers alcohol rehab to residents of Nashua, NH. Through unique programs, we tailor a recovery plan for each client who comes to us for help. We offer IOP, PHP and outpatient programs to support your continued sobriety. If you’re looking for alcohol counseling based on scientifically proven results, this may be the program for you. Of course, we welcome phone calls to answer questions about our services or our facility in Andover, MA.

Alcohol Treatment Programs Near Me in Nashua, NH

If you live in Nashua, NH, it’s just a short 30-minute ride to our alcohol treatment programs in Andover, MA. We know that sometimes it’s easier to get help outside of your immediate area in order to protect your privacy and keep you focused on recovery. At Topsail Addiction Treatment, we help you fight alcoholism to regain control of your life through a number of outpatient treatment approaches. Our friendly staff welcomes clients from Nashua and other cities in the region.

At Topsail, you will find a supportive environment backed by proven medication and counseling services. Although there may be treatment centers within Nashua, NH, many clients come to us through word of mouth thanks to other clients who have recovered from alcoholism after attending one or more of our programs.

We don’t recommend going through detox on your own. Depending on the severity of your alcohol use disorder, that could threaten your health and well-being. Instead, attend an effective alcohol detox program and then come to us to continue your healing with group and individual therapy sessions, classes and job training programs.

Getting Started with Alcohol Rehab Near Nashua, NH

Your customized care begins as soon as you meet with our admissions staff. We’ll ask you a series of questions and evaluate your level of need prior to suggesting a treatment program.

Our friendly, professional admissions coordinator has years of experience helping clients begin their journey at Topsail Addiction Treatment. Be ready to discuss your history with alcohol use without judgment or shame. The information that you provide helps us place you in the right programs and get the help you need for lifelong recovery.

Following your meeting with the admissions team, we’ll give you a tour around the facility so that you feel comfortable and can find your way to different programs. After learning more about your goals, we can team you up with counselors who can help you overcome cravings and resist a relapse.

If you have underlying mental health disorders that contributed to your alcohol use disorder, your therapist can help you get to the root of what caused you to start drinking in the first place.

Keep reading to learn more about our three main treatment programs, including PHP, IOP and outpatient care.

Partial Hospitalization Program (Full-Day Treatment)

Depending upon the severity of your alcohol use disorder, we may recommend the partial hospitalization program. Under this program, you’ll spend a full day at Topsail Addiction Treatment Center. This is the highest level of outpatient alcohol treatment available. By spending up to six hours in sessions five times a week, you can fully focus on your recovery.

PHPs benefit those with continuing or cyclical substance abuse issues and significant addiction to alcohol or drugs. Whether you’re just beginning your journey back to sober living or have battled with alcohol use disorder for years, this program can help you focus on healing rather than covering up the pain with alcohol abuse.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) for Alcohol Rehab

The intensive outpatient treatment program or IOP can help you transition from the PHP program to continuing your recovery at home. This program also works for clients who cannot attend treatment full-time due to work or family obligations. If you have already completed an inpatient program or PHP at Topsail or another facility, this might be the right program for you.

Topsail Addiction Treatment created the IOP program for those who need extra support without interrupting their school or work schedules. This program is also less disruptive to daily life.

Topsail Outpatient Programs for Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Outpatient Treatment programs are tailored for each client’s needs. Typically, you’ll meet a few times a week with your therapist and attend both individual and group therapy. Outpatient programs are usually the last step before returning home to continue the recovery process on your own.

Many clients find it helpful to continue therapy to smooth the transition back to dealing with cravings and triggers using the coping mechanisms mastered as part of a PHP or IOP program.

Topsail Addiction Treatment programs can give you the confidence and tools needed to continue your recovery journey after you leave our facility. We are happy to offer alcohol and drug treatment programs to residents of Nashua, New Hampshire.