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North Andover, MA Drug Rehab

Living a sober life isn’t always easy once you get out of inpatient rehabilitation. Many people need a way to transition from inpatient rehab to life out in society. Topsail Addiction Treatment is here to bridge that gap with our personalized program.

It’s important for a person who’s going through rehab to realize that gradually moving toward complete freedom and self-sufficiency can help to boost the chance of successful sobriety. The program at Topsail is tailored to your needs. We use phases to provide you with the level of support you need right now. During those phases, you receive different types of therapy and planning to help you.

What Types of Therapy Are Used?

Topsail uses two types of therapy – individual and group. This dual system enables you to address the very personal issues that are causing you challenges with your addiction. Our North Andover treatment professionals work with you to ensure that you can address those issues.

Group therapy gives you the opportunity to help others and receive help from others. When you do this, you build a bond with the people in your group. You can learn things that have been beneficial to them and share your experiences. Topsail also offers some therapy sessions that are specialized for the type of addiction you’re dealing with.

What Are the Three Phases of Treatment?

Our program helps you gradually move toward living your independent life after intensive inpatient therapy. You can live in your own home, or you can receive enhanced support by living in a sober living home. Working through our program at your own pace is critical. For this reason, we provide everyone with a general range of time that they can expect to remain in each phase.

It’s important that you avoid trying to rush through these phases. Instead, try to reap the full benefits of each one. Throughout your time with us, we work with you to set goals for short-term and long-term periods to help you stay on track.

Phase 1: Full-Day Treatment

Our full-day treatment program lasts 14 to 30 days, depending on your needs. You spend five to six hours per day with us on five days per week. During this time, you undergo intensive individual and group therapy. You also work on your sober living plan so that you have a foundation for success.

Phase 2: Intensive Outpatient Treatment

The intensive outpatient treatment program lasts 30 to 60 days. You meet with us for a few hours a day on three days of the week. This is slowly phasing out the in-person intensive support and guides you toward being able to navigate many life situations on your own. We help you to learn coping mechanisms for some of the issues that you might face as you continue to venture out on your own.

Phase 3: Outpatient Treatment

During the outpatient treatment phase, which lasts 60 to 120 days, you come to see us once per week for about an hour. We help you to set your plan for the upcoming week and check in on your progress from the week before. This provides you with accountability without infiltrating your life daily.

Why Is Intensive Support Critical in Rehab?

Intensive support can help to prevent you from having a relapse. Our professionals have been specifically trained to help people in a way that’s meaningful. We don’t try to shoehorn everyone into one program. Instead, we work to address the individual struggles you’re facing.

The intensive support also provides you with accountability. Knowing that you’re coming to us may encourage you to stay on the right track. We want to see you remain successful, but we’re realistic. We understand that you may face some challenges that tempt you back to the substances you’re addicted to. We calmly discuss these situations with you to help you find appropriate coping mechanisms.

Our North Andover drug rehab treatment facility customizes the help you receive to improve your chance of success. Each person is different, so we work to understand your challenges and the triggers that might lead you toward the substances.

Contact Us to Get the Process Started Today

The professionals at Topsail are ready to help you avoid relapsing. We realize that having ample support is crucial when you’re battling addiction. Give us a call at 978-475-0002 to discuss our Massachusetts program. Our team can explain our self-pay options and help you to find out about insurance coverage. We’re ready to help you achieve success with your sobriety.