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Topsail Addiction Treatment Begins Outpatient Programs for New England in September 2020

A Full Continuum of World-Class Addiction Treatment is Just One Phone Call Away.

Aug. 2020 (BOSTON, MA) Topsail Addiction Treatment, the premier outpatient addiction treatment facility North of Boston, will offer a variety of outpatient addiction treatment services from its brand-new facility in Andover, MA.

Starting in September 2020, Topsail will offer three levels of outpatient addiction treatment:

PHP / Full Day Treatments* – Comprehensive treatment programs that provide full-day treatment five days a week at our facility in Andover, MA.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment** – An immersive treatment program that helps individuals with substance abuse and addiction problems integrate back into their life. IOP is a less intense level of care than PHP and meets three times a week for about 3-4 hours per day or evening.

Outpatient Treatment – Customized treatment plans that accommodate work, school, or other responsibilities while living at home. Outpatient Treatment sessions take place once a week for about an hour.

New England’s First Purpose-built Detox Coming in 2021.

The outpatient program at Topsail is just one element in a full continuum of care for addiction treatment. Beginning in 2021, Topsail will open a brand new 22,000 sq/ft detox facility to help patients take on the challenges and potential dangers of detox from alcohol and drugs.

The facility is the first of its kind in New England, built and designed from the ground up to help people detoxify through medically-monitored detox. Patients will find a state-of-the-art facility safe, comfortable, and accessible.

Detoxing may be one of the most challenging elements of addiction treatment, and quitting “cold turkey” is not only difficult but also potentially dangerous. Medically monitored detox at TOPSAIL is overseen by licensed medical professionals who monitor and manage the patient’s care throughout the detox process. If needed, they can administer medications and treatments to mitigate withdrawals and ensure patient safety. 

For most TOPSAIL patients, the detox process only lasts a few days, and with most substances, withdrawals generally peak a few days after the last use and then subside. At that point, they can be transferred into one of Topsail’s 32 short-term residential beds on-site to complete their detox. Once they have completed the detoxification process, they can continue their treatment with outpatient services or relocate to a sober living facility.

“Detoxification is a critical first step in the addiction treatment process. The physical, emotional, and psychological impact of ridding your body of addictive substances can be significant – and potentially dangerous. That is why it’s critical to do it in a safe, comfortable, medically-monitored environment,” said Greg Bacos, clinical director, Topsail Addiction Treatment. “With Topsail’s medically monitored detox, patients will be given 24/7 care and monitoring to ensure that dangerous withdrawal symptoms are managed correctly in a safe and comfortable environment. “

World-Class Addiction Treatment from a Visionary and Experienced Team

The clinical staff at TOPSAIL were handpicked for their experience and expertise. This highly-trained team of medical and clinical professionals as well as seasoned peer support and recovery specialists, includes Psychiatrists, Masters-level clinicians and leadership staff who have significant personal and professional experience in the addiction and alcoholism treatment industry.  This unique and one-of-a-kind staff reflects the leadership’s vision of creating a world class treatment organization.   

The TOPSAIL leadership team provides the vision and direction to help patients succeed in their recovery journey. They have experienced the impact of addiction on their own families and communities, so they understand the challenges and the benefits of living a life in recovery.

They bring passion and past success in the field of addiction treatment to help guide the program at a clinical level and proven business acumen to drive it operationally.

“Our goal is to have the team and facilities that create a caring and compassionate program to help patients overcome their addictions,” said Chris Belhumer, program director at Topsail Addiction Treatment. “There is so much at stake, we want to be able to make this simple for patients – or their loved ones – and be here for them from the moment they make that first call through every stage of their recovery.”

Conveniently located near routes 95, 128, and 93, Topsail Addiction Treatments serve communities of Greater Boston, Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and all of New England.

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