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What to Expect From Your Drug Detox Experience

The Detox Experience is Different for Everyone


For people who have decided that they want to live a sober life, detoxification (“detox”) is an important first step. While the end goal -riding the body of toxic substances – is the same, the detox process is different for everyone. In addition to the type of substance (or substances) that a person patient has been using, there are also various other factors that can influence the duration of the detox and the symptoms that patients experience.

Your age, overall health, experience with detox, and length of time addicted all can have an impact on the time and severity of your detox and the symptoms of withdrawal you may experience.

Just as no two people are alike, it is essential to recognize that detoxifying from different substances can also vary, take longer, or present more dangerous medical risks. For example, Heroin withdrawals can develop within a few hours since the last use, while other substances may take longer in terms of withdrawals. Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol may be life-threatening.


Symptoms of Withdrawal from Detox


As your body begins to get rid of the toxic substances (“de-toxing”), you will undoubtedly experience some withdrawal symptoms. Your body and your nervous system have become dependent on these substances over a long time. Eliminating them over a few days is bound to have a negative impact.

Withdrawal Symptoms vary for each person, but there are common symptoms associated with the detoxification process. This is why it is critical to have a professional, licensed staff to monitor and oversee this vital part of your rehabilitation process. 

Common withdrawal symptoms include: 

· Digestive issues

· Anxiety

· Rapid heart rate

· Excessive sweating

· Depression

· Tremors

· Confusion

· Stroke


Safer Withdrawal with Medically Monitored Detox


While you may hear stories of people who can quit ‘cold turkey’ and go through detox on their own, the process is potentially dangerous and definitely challenging for most people. People who go to professional detox facilities have been proven to be significantly more successful in both the detox process and in reaching their overall goal of living a sober life.  

The most effective option is what is known as “medically monitored detox.” In a medically monitored detox facility, the patient detoxes under the care of medical and mental health professionals. This dramatically helps increase both their comfort and safety patients and helps to improve their success rate.

There are several elements to a medically monitored detox, and some or a combination of treatments may be used, including:

  • Medications to mitigate the risks of severe withdrawal and/or withdrawal complications
  • Nutritional support and physical exercise to promote early recovery.
  • Psychological and behavioral counseling and support.
  • Supervision by a trained clinical team to manage any emergencies that arise.

(Topsail Addiction Treatment will open a state-of-the-art medically managed detox program with 16 beds in the fall of 2021)

With most substances, withdrawals generally peak a few days after the last use and then subside. For most patients, the detox process only lasts a few days. Once the toxic substance is out of your body and the symptoms of withdrawal have been dealt with, now you are ready to begin your treatment program.


Insurance for Detox


Many insurance programs cover medically monitored detox because it is a safer, more effective way to help regain control over addiction. Detox is part of the treatment for Substance Abuse Syndrome and is covered under the mental health section of the Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare.”) This means that some or all of your detox treatments may be covered under your insurance. 


Get the Help you Need. It all Starts Now.


Detox is the vital first step in recovery. It isn’t always easy, but done properly with the support and monitoring of trained medical professionals; it can be safe and significantly more comfortable. If you, or someone you love, is in need of detox, please call XXX XXXX or email us and get started today. Help is just a few minutes away.

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