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Why Winter is a Good Time for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Massachusetts

Now is the time to begin Addiction Treatment at Topsail in Andover, Massachusetts


As 2020 has rolled into 2021, many people with addiction and substance abuse issues across the Commonwealth are considering making a change. In fact, the winter is a very popular time to begin addiction treatment in Massachusetts, and there are many good reasons for it.


You’ve Made it Through the Holidays

Many people choose the first few months of the year to start looking into addiction treatment in Massachusetts because the holiday season is just too challenging or too enticing to begin their addiction recovery program at an official recovery center.

As you probably know, in Massachusetts, the holiday partying season kicks off with one of the biggest (if not the biggest) drinking “holidays” –  the annual Wednesday night before Thanksgiving reunion blowout at your local bar. That rolls into a long Thanksgiving weekend where moderation isn’t exactly on the menu for most people, and family stress can be enough to drive anyone to drink or use.


Depending on the calendar, Christmas comes up in a few weeks. More family gatherings, shopping, and planning stress all start to add up.  Then, of course, there is New Year and the parties that come with it.

Here in New England, some people have even taken to including the Superbowl as an unofficial holiday, given our frequent annual appearances.

Whether you have waited to enter a recovery center because you wanted to party through the holidays, or you can’t bear the thought of going through them sober, you’re not alone when it comes to waiting until after the holiday season is over to start an addiction treatment program.


Seasonal/Winter Depression and Addiction

Seasonal depression is real. And cold, grey winters here in Massachusetts are no help. In fact, researchers have determined that the third Monday in January is the day on the calendar when people are at their loneliest, debt levels are at their highest, and the weather is at its worst. They call it Blue “Monday.”

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) estimates that about nine million adults have both mental health and substance abuse problems occurring at the same time. Whether depression leads to addiction or addiction leads to depression can vary depending on the circumstances, but when substance abuse is combined with depression, these conditions tend to amplify each other, causing a perfect storm for an addict.

A study “Relationships Between Seasonality And Alcohol Use: A Genetic Hypothesis” has suggested that…seasonality is closely related to alcoholism. Some patients with alcoholism have a seasonal pattern to their alcohol abuse. Patients with alcoholism may be self-medicating an underlying seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with alcohol or manifesting a seasonal pattern to alcohol-induced depression.”

Identifying depression – seasonal or otherwise – as a co-occurring condition is something that the skilled and caring clinical team at Topsail Recovery look for when you begin your addiction treatment program. Identifying and treating depression in conjunction with your addiction treatment can significantly increase your chances of recovery when compared to treating just one or the other.


COVID Fatigue and Addiction

COVID-19 has weighed heavily on everyone for the past year. Isolation, anxiety, a poor economy, and constant reminders on TV and social media are stoking the flames of addiction. Alcohol sales are up. Cannabis sales are through the roof. Addiction professionals are increasingly finding fentanyl in combination with methamphetamine and with cocaine in urine samples during COVID-19 and, after a slight decrease over the past few years,  overdoses are back on the rise.

To make matters even worse, the side effects of addiction can lower your immune system, making you more susceptible to COVID-19 and other illnesses. While there is some hope in the form of a vaccine, things aren’t about to change overnight. If you’ve been putting off seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, now could be the right time.

At Topsail Addiction Treatment, we have instituted COVID-19 protocols that are designed to keep you and our staff safe. We understand that these are “unprecedented times” and that treating addiction has never been more challenging. We are up to the task and here to help you overcome the grip that alcohol and drugs have on your lifestyle and take back control of your life.


Be Ready for Spring and Summer

Another ‘practical’ reason to begin addiction treatment in Massachusetts during the winter months is that there just isn’t that much to do. There’s only so much reality TV you can watch or video games you can play. While everyone’s journey to sobriety is different, starting addiction treatment over the winter means that there is a good chance that you could be free from the grip of addiction just in time for the weather to warm up and summer to begin. Remaining active is an essential part of maintaining your sobriety, and here in Massachusetts, your opportunities to find something to do increases significantly when the weather is better.

Whether you want to hike, bike, walk, go to the beach, or just sit outside and read a good book, you can do it this year with the clarity and purpose that recovery can provide.  Topsail’s addiction recovery center in Andover, MA can be just the place to start that recovery journey.


Addiction Treatment Programs in Massachusetts

Topsail Recovery has its roots here in Massachusetts, and the founders and many of our staff have been directly impacted by addiction in their personal lives. That is why we are so dedicated to being a part of the solution to the epidemic of addiction that has hit our community.


Addiction treatment programs at Topsail Addiction Treatment include:

  • PHP / Full Day Treatments – Comprehensive treatment programs that offer full-day treatment five days a week at our facility in Andover, MA.
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatmen (or IOP) – An immersive treatment program that helps individuals with substance abuse and addiction problems integrate back into their life. IOP is a less intense level of care than PHP and meets three times a week for about 3-4 hours per day or evening. Topsail’s evening IOP in Andover is the perfect solution for commuters who are still working and/or living at home.
  • Outcpatient Treatment – Customized treatment plans that accommodate work, school, or other responsibilities living at home. OP sessions run once a week for about an hour.
  • Nighttime IOP – Evening IOP at TOPSAIL in Andover is Ideal for Commuters from Andover, North Andover, North Reading, Wilmington, Lowell, Haverhill, Reading, and Methuen.

Get Started with Addiction Treatment This Winter
There is no wrong time to begin your addiction treatment and get back on the pathway to recovery. But if you’re ready to get started this winter, we are here to help.


At Topsail, we have a dedicated, caring, and professional staff with proven experience to help people overcome their addictions and take back control of their lives. Our team understands the importance of having a comfortable and convenient place to work on your sobriety.


Convenient Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts
Our office in Andover, MA, offers a serene and discrete environment to work through your substance abuse challenges. Topsail Addiction Treatment is easy to get to and convenient to Route 128, Route 495, Route 95, and Route 93.  Our recovery center has been tailored for privacy, safety and recovery.



If you or a loved one is ready to start the journey to recover, call 978-475-0002 24 hours a day and talk to one of our caring and professional addiction team. 

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